Tim Kaine Bio

Written by Steven Spear, Jr., and Gabriel Morales


Tim Kaine was born in St.  Paul, Minnesota, in 1958. Since graduating from Harvard Law School in 1983, he has ascended to the highest level of U.S. politics while maintaining a model career. Kaine has served on the Richmond City Council (1994-2001), as Mayor of Richmond (1998-2001), Lieutenant Governor of Virginia (2002-2006), Governor of Virginia (2006-2010), Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (2009-2011), and as the junior Senator from Virginia since 2013. He is also Hillary Clinton‘s Vice Presidential running mate in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

In the Vice Presidential Debate (VP debate): Kaine constantly talked over the moderator, Elaine Quijano, and interrupted Pence throughout the entire night. Like me, many voters wanted this debate to be focused on detailed solutions rather than character attacks, but this debate repeated the same tones as the first debate. I am growing tired of this election, and everyone is acutely aware of Trump’s racist, misogynistic comments and Clinton’s e-mails and apparent foreign policy blunders. Let’s move on.

Despite Tim Kaine’s terrible performance Tuesday night, I must say that he won the debate. The goal of the candidate in a VP debate is to not mess up while protecting and promoting the top of the ticket (the presidential candidate). Kaine’s performance was over-the-top—he was the “Donald Trump” of the VP debate—but he protected and promoted Clinton.


Policy Stances:

Economy/Jobs—maintain our role as the economic center of the world by creating a competitive corporate tax code that rewards companies for creating jobs in America, investing in talent at home and welcoming it from abroad

Foreign Policy/National Security—enhance relationships with international partners by providing foreign assistance that directly benefits the American people though investments that boosts trade, combats terrorism, strengthens our allies, eradicates poverty and disease, and fosters economic growth and democracy to address the drivers of conflict and instability around the world

Gun Control—support Americans’ right to bear arms support a comprehensive approach to curb gun violence which includes expanding mental health services, background record checks prior to gun purchases and responsible limits on combat combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazines

Healthcare—lower costs while improving the quality of care through promoting preventive care, effectively using technology, paying our health care providers by patient outcomes and finding ways to reduce defensive medicine and lower malpractice premiums without taking rights away from injured people

Immigration—any attempt to improve our broken immigration system should strive to attract and retain the most talented people in the world who will help build a 21st century economy

Women’s Rights—reduce unwanted pregnancies and abortions through education and access to health care and contraception rather than restricting and criminalizing women’s reproductive decisions


Learn about Mike Pence’s policy stances on Monday, the 10th

Learn about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s policy stances


All information is quoted or paraphrased from Tim Kaine’s Senate website

Kaine, T. (2016). Issues. Retrieved from http://www.kaine.senate.gov/issues




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