Mike Pence Bio

Written by Steven Spear, Jr.


Mike Pence was born in Columbus, Indiana, in 1959. Since graduating from Indiana University School of Law in 1986, he has practiced law, run a think-tank, hosted a radio show, and had a modest political career. Pence served as an Indiana congressman (2000-2013), Chairman of the House Republican Conference (2009-2011), and as Governor of Indiana since 2013. The House Republican Conference is a forum for communicating the party’s message to members in the House of Representatives. Pence is also Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

In the Vice Presidential Debate: Mike Pence is everything that Donald Trump is not. Prepared, competent, and—to be frank—presidential. Pence carried himself with the dignity worthy of a President of the United States. He was in control of the debate and was not flustered by Kaine’s relentless attacks on Donald Trump’s comments and actions. While we can expect a 2020 presidential run from Mike Pence, we are in 2016, and he has failed as a Vice Presidential candidate.

I’ve seen the polls and read articles declaring Mike Pence the winner, but I disagree. There were some moments where he protected and promoted Donald Trump, but the debate seemed more like a preview of his performance for his presidential run.  Pence contradicted Trump on several issues and did not defend Trump as well as he should have. He was given the impossible task of explaining Trump’s comments and actions over the past twenty years, and he was not able to carry it out. Pence failed to do his one job as a Vice Presidential candidate: to protect and promote Trump.


Policy Stances:

Economy/Jobs—supports a balanced budget and turning budget surpluses into reserves; “Reserves really are the taxpayers’ last line of defense in a recession”; advocates for low taxes and eliminating the estate tax;

Foreign Policy/National Security—fully supported the Iraq War; supports Israel’s right to attack Iran to prevent the development of nuclear weapons; he calls Israel “America’s most cherished ally”

Gun Control—supports guns on school property

Healthcare—opposes the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare)

Immigration—supports increased border security (to be clear: he does not support a wall), strict enforcement of illegally hiring an illegal immigrant, and the creation of a formal guest worker program for jobs that U.S. citizens will not take

Women’s Rights—wants to prohibit federal funding for Planned Parethood


Learn about Tim Kaine’s policy stances

Learn about Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s policy stances


All information is quoted or paraphrased from the Indiana state government’s website

Pence, M. Governor Pence Home. Retried from https://secure.in.gov/gov/2790.htm




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