Just the Right Time

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”  – James Cash Penny


As much fun as we have had covering presidential politics for the past three months, all good things must come to an end. Don’t worry, we will still inform you of major public policy issues and cover the excitement that is sure to be in a Trump Presidency, but we are broadening our focus.

Each individual who participates in this blog works every day to become the best versions of themselves. This type of growth can only come if you expose yourself to different ideas and seek situations that may make you uncomfortable. Invisible Hand Publications will help you achieve the former, but it is up to you to take initiative with the latter.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have become the subjects of almost all of the previous articles, but that has come to an end. In the coming months, you can expect a dramatic expansion in the range of content. Book reviews, verses and passages from the Bible, and personal opinions of the writers on controversial issues are just a few of the new content areas that you can look forward to!

Some Upcoming Content—

  • Reflections on 2016 (December)
  • The Presidency of Barack Obama (January)
  • All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Op-Eds (February)
  • AAE: The African-American Experience (February)

For those that have been with us, thank you for starting your journey of lifelong learning with us. If you are just joining us, welcome: You came at just the right time.


Steven Spear, Jr.



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