Morgan’s Reflection: The Middle

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Home moved

I hit training week and was sure the world had left. I had gotten a job where they wanted me to do things I could never possibly pull off. We were trained at a university in Kentucky and it was my first time staying in dorms. Suddenly, I was supposed to know all of the games and lessons and terms and mesh with thirty people from states I had never seen plus I was sleeping in a little concrete room and sharing showers. I cried myself to sleep several nights.

Even worse was sharing my room with my boss because we were the only girls on the team running recreation. She had done this for three years and I didn’t want her or anyone to know I was a mess because everyone seemed to be doing fine. Then I walked in on her calling her long-time boyfriend (now fiancé) with tears streaming down her face. I showered to give her some privacy – because I smelled awful after a day of learning to play the games kids would be playing throughout the summer- then came back and called my family because apparently it was okay to cry. I teared up during the call, and my mind was just screaming that I wanted to go home.

Here’s the thing. I’m a Christian. Maybe you are too, maybe you’re not. But either way, I think that everyone hits a point where they just know they are supposed to be somewhere. Maybe somewhere crazy, or maybe exactly where they’ve been for a long time. I know where I’m supposed to be because God leads me there and puts me there. However it works for you, you probably know what I’m talking about. That night, lying in bed, I realized that wherever I was supposed to be was home. Home would change. I will always miss my family when I have to leave them, but home had to move. I had to make it where it had to be, and it was time to be happy in it.


Taylor Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston

Arizona is hot in the day and cold as soon as the sun dims a little. I was working like crazy that first week of camp, but what I was most nervous about was church group time. Each of us were assigned a church for church group time, and we hung out with them as much as possible. I was terrified. How was I supposed to make them like me?  How do you even connect with people that live across the country and are either ten years younger than you or thirty years older? I was assigned a church with three girls and one adult. It was the smallest group we had the whole summer, and they were all mine. The girls loved me right away, much to my relief. Kids are pretty quick to like people, which was awesome because the self-esteem boosts that came from them calling my name was always greatly appreciated.

It was their leader I was worried about. Then, on the first night, she looked at me and said: “Did you hear that Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston? It just went viral! Can you believe it?” I couldn’t believe it. We instantly started looking up age comparisons and pictures. But more unbelievable than the match was the fact that people are people. Years and states apart, we are still just people. We talk about the same things, we breathe the same air, and we just aren’t that different. God bless what we learn from celebrity couples.


The world grew up and I got younger

I went into that summer certain of two things: this was going to be awesome, and I was going to be a teacher. I walked out of it certain of two things: that was awesome and I am not going to be a teacher. That realization hit me after the second week or so. It was really fun because everyone else on the team knew what they wanted to do. And I am still waiting to see how it’s all going to turn out.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had career day? And everyone dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grew up? You would always have the doctors and teachers and firemen and policemen. Those were the options. And somewhere along the way you grow up and you realize that since then, the only job that has been added is “cubicle sitter.” So you choose one of those and run with it because there are approximately five options for careers. Well, working with a bunch of college kids I found a few that had really unique majors and actual plans for awesome careers (like tourism management and disaster housing).

And suddenly I remembered that when we were kids there were a few other kids who had big career plans: the girl determined to be a mermaid, the little boy who was going to be president (even if he couldn’t spell it), and that one kid born to be a rockstar. Somehow we forgot about them, but this summer I remembered. So the world got a whole lot bigger, and I decided to look at it like a kid on career day with the whole costume aisle for the taking.


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