Do You Remember the Time…?

Written by Steven Spear, Jr.


When I was eight years old, I didn’t do much. School was fairly simple. Third grade was focused on mastering the basics so I wasn’t particularly challenged. From my limited perspective, everyone seemed to get along, and there was no drama. Family get-togethers were my favorite. The big annual events were: the Memorial Day cookout, the Fourth of July cookout, Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Christmas party.

But things changed. As the years passed by, school became harder, I was more aware of drama, the big family get-togethers stopped happening. I compare the past to the present and think, “What in the world happened?” School is stressful, figuring out what I want to do with my life is stressful, and the get-togethers aren’t what they used to be. The rude awakening of life is that it doesn’t stay the same.


A phrase recently caught my attention: “Don’t miss the present for focusing on the past.”

Now, my happiness comes from seeing my hard work be more than enough to take on the complexity of life. I take comfort that God opens and closes the right doors to guide me through my college experience. Life is more complex than when I was 8 years old, but I would never go back.

Christmas may not be the same as it was years ago, but I take life head on. As you go through this holiday season, remember that rude awakening. As you look back on 2016 and reminisce with friends and family, accept the differences that life brings. If you look back and things are largely the same, maybe it’s time for a change. Keep learning, and keep growing my friends.


Steven Spear, Jr.



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