Happy New Year

Edited by Steven Spear, Jr.
Written by Morgan DeLisle


I love New Years. I usually forget that until a few days after Christmas, but it really is one of my favorite holidays. There are several things that make New Years completely different and the perfect end to the holiday season:


It is uniquely selfish

Halloween is all about scaring other people or giving candy to other people, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude (the natural enemy of selfishness), and almost everyone hits a point during the Christmas season where they just want other people to love the gift they’ve received. See a trend? All of these are focused on those around us. New Years isn’t. New Years is about doing whatever it is you want to do with whoever you want. Want to stay up till three in the morning getting hammered? Go for it. More of a bed at eight kind of person? No judgement. Kiss at midnight? Cool. Screaming because this will be your year as the ball drops? So are thousands of other people. New Years is the moment where it’s completely cool to just do you, because that’s what everyone is doing too.


It is the most anticipated holiday, and the most long lived

Let’s be honest, most of us hit February this year and it had already become abundantly clear that this, in fact, would not be our year. And so we look forward to the next year. We spend anywhere from six to eleven months counting down, mumbling under our breath that we’ve got it next year. And then, when the glorious moment finally comes and we see the freedom and hope of a brand new 365 days, we hold on as if we all aren’t returning to the lives were living just moments before. For some people, the hope of a new year lasts for months (these are usually the people that accidentally write the wrong year on papers and then get excited when they remember that the number has actually gone up). And then, as soon as we quit holding high the flame of hope for one year, we light the candle of the next. Thus, we never really move past New Years, it’s always with us.


It is the moment of suspended disbelief

This is the magic of New Years, this is its power over us: in the moments of the ball dropping or of your first glimpse of January 1st, anything is possible. You can quit that awful job and become an actor, you can pay the outrageous fees for tuition without killing yourself, they will start the space program up for you to be an astronaut. The world is suddenly golden again, and we are all suddenly children with eyes wide enough to see its wonder and hands brave enough to grab hold of life. That is the magic of New Years. It is the moment when all of our dreams rush back to us, and we get another shot at chasing them. The only question is, will we?

New Years will come and go, but the joy of new beginnings can come along with us every day. We get the chance to make things better – to be better – as a new year comes and with each hour, so how will you do it? Scream-singing sessions for stress? Skydiving to clear your head? Places you’ve never seen or a job you aren’t sure you’re ready for? Whatever you choose, try to stay within the law and keep dancing. And check out this blog to watch one kid chase her own New Years’ resolution!


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