We’re Expanding!

Running this blog has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

I have been challenged in many different ways: being organized, planning/writing content, and budgeting my time wisely. Those benefits don’t even include the “business” side of the blog: editing, marketing, and so much more.


I have seen everyone on staff grow from being a part of Invisible Hand Publications (ihpubs), and you now have the opportunity to join the blog and grow with us: We are looking for new writers.

By joining the team, you can watch yourself grow as I have: You can research your intellectual interests (from Women’s Rights to whatever Donald Trump has done that week), and you can learn to develop and articulate your opinions. You will have flexibility to write about topics that interest you, and—most importantly—you will be supported by a team of people who want you to succeed.


The Open Positions

Writer (4)

  • Create content (articles and series)
  • Research people, events, issues, etc.

Without its writers, this blog would not exist. The content created by our writers make this blog successful, and we are giving you an opportunity to contribute to that success.


Joining ihpubs would be a great learning opportunity and a great resumé-builder. You can point to your time with us as experience working with a team, or if a job/internship application ever asks for a writing sample, you can easily pull an article that you have already written!

Students aged 16-22 who enjoy writing are preferred, but anyone who believes in our mission to educate, encourage, and empower people should apply. Our team is ready and willing to help you develop your writing ability and gain confidence when you discuss today’s issues and the world we live in.



If you know someone who might be interested, share this great development opportunity with them!

If you are interested and want more information, contact us at ihpubs16@gmail.com

If you would like to join ihpubs, submit your resumé and this Application to ihpubs16@gmail.com.



Looking Forward to Having You on the Team,

Steven Spear, Jr., Editor-in-Chief


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