Can Love and Hope Endure?

Written by Cassidy Connell

Edited by Morgan DeLisle



The reboot of Beauty & the Beast has taken the world by storm. Not only is the story a classic, but the soundtrack evokes enough emotion for a good cry before the opening credits. In my case, nostalgia overwhelmed me as I realized that the rest of the audience did not know the original movie was animated and that I am officially old. Despite the premature mid-life crisis, the movie was phenomenal and without a doubt captured the essence of Disney, underscored through villagers who magically had perfect pitch.


About halfway through the film, Emma Watson sings “How in the midst of all this sorrow, can so much love and hope endure?” Watson’s character, Belle, questioned the happiness and hope demonstrated by the seemingly trapped inhabitants of the castle. Their continued positivity and encouragement confused her; why were they not utterly depressed at being furniture and the risk of losing their lives?

There is a parallel here between this fairy tale and the truth of God’s Word: As Christians, others should view us with the same puzzlement as Belle. We may not be stuck in a creepy castle with a beast who has anger-management issues, but we do live in a world full of sadness. War, diseases, floods, shootings, broken families, racism, human trafficking; the sorrows in this world have many faces. Like the characters in the movie though, we have a Hope who pushes us to not only endure, but thrive. Our Hope is beautiful, real, and composed of love.

Isaiah 9:2 states, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has a light shone.” Update: this is a world of “deep darkness”. See the shortened list in the paragraph above as a reference. Social media and news channels prioritize pointing out the heartache around us.


Fortunately, this is also a world in which a “great light” has shone. Jesus came to this earth as God’s Son. His death and resurrection ensured our salvation from a bleak future of separation from God.  He is our Hope, the foundation of our joy. The Church needs to reflect the light from our Savior and let it be a beacon for others.

The Light has triumphed over the darkness; this alone is reason for Christians to live in a spirit of victory. Encourage others, practice kindness, and uphold God’s values. Do not emulate discouragement, radiate the confidence of Christ. Amidst all the troubles in this world, let His love and hope endure.

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